Friday, September 23, 2016

StampinUP Pop of Paradise & Pineapple PLUS "FUN MAIL" (Part 1)

My Birthday was yesterday (just turned 56) and I have many beautiful hand-stamped cards to share with you!  (I rec'd store bought cards as well, which I do appreciate, but my blog post will feature the stamped birthday cards, of course).  Around our house, anything hand-stamped (and not a bill or junk mail) is considered "FUN MAIL"!!  LOL

I want to say thank you very much to all my friends for showering me with these cards the last few days. Stay tuned for several more in upcoming blog posts as well  :)  I am truly blessed with great friends and fabulous stampers in my life!!

Thanks for stopping by today.........the "ole gal"-- Lori

Shannon West
StampinUP Employee @ Home Office
(Part of the "I'm Bringing Birthdays Back" Campaign)

Tina Fleer- Friend and Customer

Nancy Bloomgren- Friend and Customer

Lela Sandrock- Friend and Customer

Lynn Fields- Friend and Customer

Marty Cass- Friend and Fellow SU Demo

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